Relax and stay positive to be stress-free.
Relax and stay positive to be stress-free. Tom Anderson

De-stress, look on the bright side

BEING prepared for the challenges ahead makes all the difference in preventing undue stress.

The concept of resilience refers to a person’s ability to rebound from adverse situations and to overcome difficult circumstances.

One of the best ways to deal with stress is to learn how to change the way you view situations.

So it is not so much the situation that determines how stressed we get, but rather how we interpret that situation.

When stress happens to us, we go through a series of appraisals and judgments. For example, you have planned to spend one day of your weekend at the beach or out on the water. But when you wake up on Saturday it is pouring rain and the weather forecasts say it will be raining all weekend.

Your first appraisal is usually disappointment.

If you were to stop there, you could spend the entire weekend thinking how miserable it is and how much you would prefer to be at the beach or on the water.

But if you rethink the situation, there is a great opportunity to do some indoor activities you have been putting off. You might spend a delightful weekend having fun indoors.

This process of appraisals and judgments is critical to developing resilience.

But it is more than looking for the silver lining. It is actually an ability to take control of, and optimise, every situation in every aspect of your life.

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