Into Love owner Lorraine Kidd has been in the industry for 30 years.
Into Love owner Lorraine Kidd has been in the industry for 30 years. Brenda Strong GLALOVE

Looking for good vibrations?

LORRAINE Kidd takes a long, hard drag from her cigarette. Then she clears up a misconception.

"Vibrators aren't just for women."

When asked exactly how a male 'device' would work, she was all business.

"I'll show you," she deadpanned.

The "prim and proper" adult shop owner has been in the industry for three decades.

Lorraine has owned Gladstone's Into Love for the past seven years.

She also has stores in Bundaberg, Emerald and Mount Isa.

Her customers are "like you and me", she said.

Doctors and psychologists have even referred patients experiencing sexual issues like erectile dysfunction or lack of libido to Into Love, Lorraine said.

"We get men who've had prostate cancer and have difficulty...

"Nobody goes through life without a sexual problem," she added.

Lorraine's quick to explain that she runs an "adult" shop, not a sex shop.

"We don't sell sex, we sell sex products.

"We run a very clean show here - we have everything in the open, nothing's hidden."

The array is pretty amazing.

The shelves are stocked with toys and instruments to satisfy all types of kinks, quirks and predilections.

Lorraine's son David is second-in-charge.

He estimates Into Love has about 5000 DVDs for sale, and a few hundred magazines.

But back to male vibrators.

For the most part, they are shaped like a vagina. The rest The Observer will leave to the imagination.

With so many men transferring to Gladstone solely for work and leaving their partners at home, Into Love provides a much-needed sexual outlet.

"We have a lot of men here on contract.

"They can get a vibrator instead of going to a prostitute," Lorraine said.

Much has changed since the old days and there's less stigma attached.

And when Lorraine first got into the industry, there was a greater focus on the pleasure of men.

"It's really about the pleasure of women now," she said.


Relationships Australia counsellor Denise Reichenbach says sex is a part of life.

But it needs to be consensual.

She says it's not on, "Any time there's no consent, where it is forced".

"There are people who practice S&M and they're happy because they're both consenting. That's okay."

For counselling, contact Relationships Australia on 1300 364 277.

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