Colleen and Steve find love after nearly 30 years apart.
Colleen and Steve find love after nearly 30 years apart.

Love blossoms after decades apart

FIRST love can last a lifetime, and after feeling lost for quite some time Colleen Day was lucky enough to find that out when she reunited with her old flame from nearly 30 years ago at the Gemfields earlier this month.

The 44-year-old admitted she had never forgotten “the one that got away” and that she had felt a void in her life for many years.

But as time went on, Colleen “got on with life” and married a man who she was with for 13 years.

Before long, Colleen and her husband departed as friends, which made her think more about the “tall, dark and handsome” man, Steve, she met and fell for at 16.

“There was electricity and after a little while we kissed behind my mum and dad’s shop in North Arm. Unfortunately, but looking back on it funny, we were sprung by my Mum,” she said with a laugh.

Colleen said her parents weren’t too keen on the idea of their daughter going out with an 18-year-old who owned a motorbike, and to keep the peace she stopped seeing Steve.

“Time went by and I had other partners, but always had that lost feeling. I always thought about Steve,” Colleen said. “He was my first love.”

In 2008, Colleen was living in South Australia with a new partner, but with news of the death of her dad, she dropped everything to move to Nambour to be with her mum.

The tragedy prompted her to find Steve, but after some searching Colleen heard he had died.

“With a heavy heart I just got on with life,” she said.

It wasn’t until April this year that Colleen was able to track down one of Steve’s friends on Facebook, who she contacted and said she was sorry to hear of Steve’s death.

“He told me that this was not the case and that he was well and truly alive,” Colleen said with a laugh.

“So I found Steve’s sister on Facebook and she finally got back to me in about June. I gave her my mobile and asked if she could text it to him.”

As it turned out, Steve had never forgotten Colleen either and three weeks, and about 300 text messages later, the two love birds had discovered themselves again and fallen in love.

“It’s a feeling that I have never had with anyone before,” Colleen said.

“We’ve discovered we’re soul mates.”

Steve now lives in Reward, where the couple finally reunited after 29 years apart.

After Colleen’s Nutrimetics boss asked her to come to Gemfest on the Gemfields for the festival earlier this month, Colleen said it was an “omen” and that fate had brought her and Steve together.

“I don’t feel lost anymore and our love is very strong,” Colleen said.

“I said jokingly to Steve that we are a little bit like the couple out of Grease, Sandy and Danny. I was the goody-goody and he was the rebel on the bike, but with a beautiful soul.”

Colleen said she would never forget the day the couple reunited and that Steve was “such a romantic and beautiful person”.

“When we first kissed the electricity was there again, just like when we were 16,” Colleen said with a smile.

Steve was a bit shy, but he knew one thing for sure about their first meeting: “I felt the same way I felt about her all those years ago”.

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