Loved pet on death row

Mark Stanborough is determined to prove his dog Rasta had no part in the alleged attack.
Mark Stanborough is determined to prove his dog Rasta had no part in the alleged attack. John Mccutcheon

HE loves cats, plays with kids and is an "absolute sook", but Rasta may have a nasty side to his personality.

The red cattle dog from Buderim is sitting on death row accused of biting at least two people.

His owner, Mark Stanborough, believes the Sunshine Coast Council has the wrong dog in custody.

Mr Stanborough cannot imagine his best friend could possibly be guilty of such violent crimes.

"There are lots of red cattle dogs around here, perhaps it was one of them," Mr Stanborough said.

The Sunshine Coast Council, however, is certain this is not a case of mistaken identity.

"Council officers are confident the right dog has been identified," a spokeswoman said.

Mr Stanborough was hoping other people who believed their pets were being wrongly accused would contact him to "work together and share experiences".

He also wants the council to employ an "animal behaviourist" to make an assessment on whether his dog is indeed dangerous.

Rasta, who is four, was first accused of biting earlier this year. Mr Stanborough copped the first charge on the chin and met the requirement to repair his fence and ensure Rasta couldn't escape.

But six weeks later Mr Stanborough came home to find his precious pooch missing.

"The council officers had come into my yard and taken Rasta away," Mr Stanborough said.

The next day Mr Stanborough received a letter from the council advising his dog would be put down in 14 days unless he defended the charges.

"They say he bit a young girl, they don't say the age of the girl. They say the mother was present, but they don't say what they were doing.

"Anyone who knows my dog says he wouldn't be capable of doing it. He is an absolute sook."

Mr Stanborough appeared in court last week to fight the charges, but the judge adjourned his case.

The council spokeswoman said officers can remove a dog regardless of the owner's presence if they believe it is a risk to public safety.

The court case will continue on November 3.

To contact Mr Stanborough email or telephone 0401613800.

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