OPINION: Loyalty ... a concept that’s sadly missing

OPINION: Each year more and more words seem to disappear from regular use or at the very least don't mean as much as they once did.

One such word is loyalty.

It appears loyalty is a thing of the past, with more and more people, companies and politicians paying it lip service at best.

Gone are the days when someone leaving school gained employment and stayed on with that company until they retired.

Invariably that company would treat its employees with respect and consideration, lending a hand when an employee may have needed some support.

In return that employee would go "above and beyond" their functions to ensure the company's ongoing success.

In today's world that particular work ethos simply does not exist.

Regardless of how many years loyal service people give they can suddenly find themselves unemployed due to company restructures or new managers deciding the way things have been working successfully for years suddenly have to change.

That's not to say changes to the way a company operates don't need to happen.

But the way the changes take place and the impact they have on staff needs to be carefully considered.

Employees also need to consider how their actions affect the company.

In too many cases employees will just decide to have a day off and to hell with the extra workload it puts on others.

Many things have improved in the workplace but the disappearance of loyalty and diminishing work ethic are not some of them.

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