Lucky ticket winner nabs cool $40m

TAKE a close look at your Oz Lotto tickets, because one lucky person has won the $40 million jackpot.

According to the Oz Lotto website, there was one winning ticket for the massive prize, with the ticket drawn in New South Wales.

The numbers for the jackpot were revealed to be 13, 32, 19, 45, 37, 24 and 15, with the supplementary numbers 23 and 28.

The last division one jackpot was won in June by two Queenslanders.

Australians have given an insight into how they would spend the windfall if they took home the huge prize.

"When we surveyed players, about one-in-two Aussies (45 per cent) said they'd kiss work goodbye forever if they pocketed a massive Oz Lotto prize," The Lott spokesman Matt Hart said.

"Only 18 per cent declared their love for their job would keep them working while millions sat in their bank accounts.

"However, we know that Aussies' dreams are as diverse as Australia itself.

"Apart from paying off the mortgage, travelling the world in style and sharing with family and friends, some told us they had more unusual desires for their division one prize, including visiting the dentist to get a winning smile and getting a new puppy."



Earlier in the month, the $110 million Powerball jackpot was split three ways, with one of those being a Sydney mum-of-two who struggled to comprehend the huge win.

"I love my job in medical research so won't be giving that up but I do hope to use the money in a meaningful way," she said.

"We've got two kids so this will go a long way to setting them up for the future."

A young Adelaide man was the first winner announced, who snapped up the division one prize, but also scored division two 19 times, bolstering his total prize to $37,602,912.27.

"Wow," he told The Lott after a pause.

"Thank you so much. That is incredible. I can't believe that. I am shaking so much. This is going to change so many lives."

The massive jackpot had Australians clamouring to get their hands on an entry ticket, with long queues being reported at newsagents and other lottery outlets.

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