Lunch run costs mother her licence

A MOTHER has lost her licence for two years after delivering her daughter's lunch box to school.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Barbara Tofilau was caught driving on Henty Drive at Redbank Plains on March 3 about 10am.

Her licence had been disqualified in court for six months on November 16.

Tofilau told police she was taking her daughter some lunch when she was pulled over.

The 42-year-old pleaded guilty to disqualified driving and was fined $850.

Her licence was disqualified two years.

Tofilau told the court her daughter had forgotten to take her lunch to school so she was delivering it to her.

“My friend picked her up because I couldn't drive and she left her bag at home so I had to take her lunch,” Tofilau said.

After being disqualified for two years, Tofilau told the court she could not manage without her licence.

“I do a lot of community work and I need my licence,” she said.

But Magistrate Donna MacCallum told the defendant that two years was the mandatory minimum disqualification.

Ms MacCallum told Tofilau that forgotten lunch was not an excuse to get behind the wheel.

“Your daughter is going to have to start looking after herself,” Ms MacCallum said.

“You pay the price.”

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