Letter: Lynch mob mentality encouraged by Daily

THANKS for providing such clear evidence that vigilantism and the lynch mob mentality are not far below the surface, even in a supposedly civilised place like the Sunshine Coast - especially when it involves pedophilia.

We are supposed to let the justice system do its task rather than stir up emotions on rather flimsy premises.

"Love letter" indeed (Daily, May 31). What rubbish!

What next? Are you planning to get an armed rabble to storm the prison and string the young man up?

Have you stopped to consider the effect that continually stirring up this issue might be having on the victim? Perhaps this is abuse in its own right.

I suggest that we should all stop and consider only he (or she) who is without sin should cast the first stone and all parents should stop and consider whether their own treatment of their own children was at all times without reproach.

The worst aspect is that the Daily seems to be exploiting the sensationalism of the situation simply to gain a transient boost in its circulation.

I am disgusted. What ever happened to balanced and honest reporting?

It is you who should be ashamed of yourselves.


Coochin Creek

Editor's note: The Daily makes no apologies for its coverage of this case, parts of which was done in consultation with the victim's family.

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