MACKAY’S Andrew Young was two centimetres away from death when he was using an angle grinder, while building a boat powered by two-four stroke motorcycles.

“I was very lucky to survive it was a pretty decent cut, I was extremely lucky I missed the main artery by two centimetres,” he said.

WARNING: Trailer contains strong language

This was just one of the crazy moments during a perilous journey of four adventurers on a motorbike powered boat between Panama and Colombia.

The documentary, called Four Strokes of Luck will premiere at the Byron Bay Film Festival this Sunday.

Mr Young said it was very exciting to see his Australians Roly Stokes, Adam Broadbent and Bolivian Claudia Orellana adventures finally made into a documentary film.

The Daily Mercury first reported on the adventure in November 2009 when they first began their 200km journey through some of the most dangerous parts of Colombia and Panama, before they were marooned, imprisoned and blackmailed.

“I saw the feature a couple of weeks ago and I was really happy with the final product.

“I had really bad luck after we set sail on the boat,” he joked.

Mr Young said he found himself in a refugee camp for five days with no money and no way to contact the others on the boat.

“It was one crazy adventure, but each of us had our own amazing experience within that. “I am glad to be home after 12 months of travelling” he said.

First time producer Roly Stokes said it took about a year to finish the final product with the help of award wining screen editor Harriet Clutterbuck.

“It took about four or five months to find an editor then we found Harriet who picked it up for free, since we didn’t have a budget.

“Harriet spent about 14 weeks editing and we had about 60 hours of footage to go through.

“Part of that incredible footage was when Youngy had an angle grinder go into his leg and at the time we thought he could bleed to death – that was a big hurdle for us to overcome.

“Youngy also left the boat for a month after his accident, which was loss because he was a boilermaker and was great with tools on the boat,” Mr Stokes said.

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