COURT: Drink drivers faced a range of penalties in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday.
COURT: Drink drivers faced a range of penalties in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday. John Weekes

Magistrate says suspension 'unjust' as drink drivers face up

SUSPENDED jail, probation and heavy fines were handed out to drink drivers in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday.

Those before the court included one driver who, according to the magistrate, had already been unjustly suspended and another who could not get a work licence because of a previous unlicensed driving offence, after he was suspended by the State Penalties Enforcement Registry for a fine he was unaware of... 

Jail suspended

A GYMPIE man has been given a six-month jail sentence, suspended for two years after he pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified in a Gympie service station property on November 9.

Gregory James Thompson, 60, had initially denied driving, but CCTV video showed him driving on the service station property. The court was told Thompson had only driven the car within the property. Magistrate Chris Callaghan said this did not mean he was allowed to drive on a road-related area.


A JONES Hill man will be off the road for 12 months and was placed on 12 months probation for driving under the influence of liquor (at .177 per cent), while disqualified for points and on a suspended sentenced.

Izaac Lee Alford, 23, pleaded guilty to the January 13 charges.

Drink driver takes wrong turn

A BEAUDESERT man who turned right without giving way to oncoming traffic at the Graham Street and Mount Pleasant Road intersection on February 5, faced a more serious charge in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday.

Heavy machinery driver Kenneth John Doubleday, 57, was disqualified for another five months, on top of the two months he has already been without his licence, after police found he was drink driving.

The court was told a breath test revealed an alcohol reading of .132 per cent. Doubleday pleaded guilty to both offences. Magistrate Chris Callaghan fined him $1000 and allowed a work licence.

Defiance no help over breath test

REFUSING to provide a breath specimen did nto help the troubles facing Gympie man Hayden Cecil Marsh, 30, who later changed his mind and blew .129 per cent.

Marsh pleaded guilty to failing to provide a roadside breach specimen in Inglewood Road on March 17and to driving with a mid-range alcohol reading.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan said he took into account that Marsh had been without his licence since being arrested and fined him $700, with a six-month disqualification.

Unjustly suspended

A GYMPIE magistrate has criticised police for unjustly suspending a man's licence since a March 11 offence, when they should have only suspended it for 24 hours.

Mr Callaghan told Zachary John Peacock his .093 per cent blood alcohol content was less than the .1 per cent which would justify the loss of his licence for the whole lead-up to his court appearance.

Peacock, 24, of Glenwood, was fined $400 and disqualified for the mandatory minimum of one month.

"Police charged you with the wrong offence," Mr Callaghan told the man.

"Hence they suspended you for almost a month. They shouldn't have done that because you weren't over the mid-range drink driving level of .1 per cent.

He said he had deducted a month (and a little bit more) from the disqualification he imposed.

Work licence plea meets invisible barrier

MOURA driver Scott Anthony Mackay, 43 could not obtain a work licence in Gympie Magistrates Court yesterday because of a previous licence disqualification in the past five years, for an unpaid fine debt of which he was unaware.

Mackay, a Cooloola Cove resident when not working at Moura, was fined $350 and disqualified for one month, with no conviction recorded, after he pleadd guilty yesterday to driving at Moura with a blood alcohol content of .086 per cent.

Drink driving crash

IMBIL man Alex Anthony Henson was fined $300 and disqualified from driving for two months, with no conviction recorded, after he pleaded guilty to drink driving when he crashed his car in Kandanga on January 5.

Gympie Magistrates Court was told Henson was the sole occupant of his car when he lost control in Main Street and crashed off the road.

Police told the court skid marks on the road showed a low of control, leading to his car crashing into trees beside the road.

Henson, 32, admitted consuming "a number of glasses of wine," the court was told.

He told police he had hit his head and was driving to hospital, and had not been thinking clearly when he decided to do so.

The crash had resulted in Henson suffering broken ribs and a spinal injury, as well as writing off his $20,000 car.

Mr Callaghan remarked on Henson's good driving record, with only one previous for speeding last year.

He said Henson's loss and injuries probably eliminated the need for any further deterrence.

He fined Henson $300 and disqualified him from driving for two months, with no conviction recorded.

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