Major Brisbane hospital evacuated as fire breaks out

EMERGENCY services have been called to a fire at a hospital in inner Brisbane.

It is understood the fire broke out on level 9 of the Salmon building at the Mater Private Hospital in South Brisbane.

A Queensland police spokesman said there had been reports of smoke coming from the building and people were being evacuated.

"Ambulance and fire crews are already on scene and we deploying units to assist and help with traffic control," he said.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesman said: "Heavy smoke appeared to be coming from them ninth floor of a building, and firefighters are seeking to locate the cause.

"The floor is unoccupied and the two floors below have been evacuated as a safety precaution."

QFES said eight fire trucks had been deployed.

Patient Abdul Feroz was evacuated while awaiting treatment for kidney stones.

"I heard the alarm ringing and people were saying that everyone from the eighth floor down were being evacuated," he said.

"A lot of people were running from the building but some were still trying to go up and down the stairs and we had to stop them from going inside."

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