Malcolm Turnbull... twice as popular as Abbott
Malcolm Turnbull... twice as popular as Abbott

Malcolm Turnbull twice as popular as Abbott

MALCOLM Turnbull must be smiling like a Cheshire cat off the back of the latest poll numbers showing he's twice as popular as the PM.

Online bookmaker has priced him at $1.10 to stand against Abbott in a leadership ballot before the next Federal election.

It looks safe for Abbott though that a leadership challenge won't occur, priced at $1.25 with $3.50 on offer that there will be one.

Abbott is also odds on to be leader at the next election, priced at $1.33 with Turnbull at odds of $4.50.

Should the party decide to move on from both the current and former leader, Joe Hockey is leading the charge at $10 with Julie Bishop just behind at odds of $13.

"Abbott looks safe until the next election. PM's always face bad polls at one stage or another during their time in office and the odds say Abbott can sleep tight at night," said's Will Byrne.

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Will Abbott face a leadership ballot before next election?
$3.50   Yes 
$1.25   No 

When will Abbott face his first ballot?
$21      Before September 2014
$15      Sept - Dec 2014
$17      Jan - April 2015
$21      May - Aug 2015
$15      Sept - Dec 2015
$9.00  After 2015 before next federal election
$1.25   Not at all

Will Turnbull stand for leader in a ballot?
$1.10   Yes
$6.00   No

Liberal Leader at election
$1.33  Abbott
$4.50   Turnbull
$10      Hockey
$13      J. Bishop
$15      Morrison
$26      Pyne
$31      Hunt
$34      Dutton
$41      Robb
$51      Smith
$201    B. Bishop
$501    Mirabella

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