MOUTHFUL: The 1.2kg burger at the centre of the Lighthouse Hotel Motel's Beacon Burger Challenge. Photo Contributed
MOUTHFUL: The 1.2kg burger at the centre of the Lighthouse Hotel Motel's Beacon Burger Challenge. Photo Contributed Contributed

Could you eat a 1.2kg burger in eight minutes?

THERE'S a new attraction at Burnett Heads which weighs 1.2kg and is garnering a lot of attention.

The $25 Beacon Burger Challenge has created quite the stir at The Lighthouse Hotel Motel as patrons attempt to demolish the maxi burger in eight minutes.

However, health advocates say these types of food challenges are dangerous and promote unhealthy eating.

The monstrous burger contains a 500g meat patty, four eggs, six rashers of bacon, six slices of cheese, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, pineapple and cucumber with a five-olive topper.

The motel's promotion manager Tania Lumby said the Beacon Burger Challenge was the latest in its food challenges, following its successful Ultimate Wing Man Challenge.

"That was 20 wings in 20 minutes for $20 and it went for a while," she said.

Participants must consume the burger in eight minutes, on their own, with no help.

"If successful your name will go up onto the Beacon Wall of Fame," Ms Lumby said.

"We are aiming to do it every Thursday and Friday evening."

Cancer Council Queensland spokeswoman Katie Clift said food challenges that encouraged participants to eat a large amount of unhealthy food, in a short period of time, could have serious effects on a person's health.

"These challenges can also promote unhealthy foods and larger portion sizes than are recommended for general health and wellbeing," she said.

Ms Clift said it was crucial Queenslanders stuck to recommended portion sizes, and followed the Australian Dietary Guidelines for a healthy diet.

"Queenslanders should be eating at least two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables every day along with grain foods, reduced-fat dairy products, lean meats and water," she said.

Ms Lumby said patrons wishing to undertake the challenge had to sign a waiver releasing the motel from all liability relating to any injuries that may occur.

"Well they pay to actually enter the challenge and it is their responsibility," she said.

The challenge will be held at the Lighthouse Hotel Motel between 5.30-8pm on Thursday and Friday.

Challengers must call The Lighthouse Hotel Motel to book a spot on 4159 4202.

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