Young gang assaults man, robs child outside Maccas

A MAN was assaulted in front of a child outside the busy Nambour McDonald's during its Sunday lunch hour.

It is believed the man was attacked by a group of youths and was punched in the face as a child with him was watching helplessly.

The child's backpack was stolen in the incident.

McDonald's Nambour manager Jamie Meadows said he suspected the victim had a "broken nose" and police and ambulance were called to the scene.

"There were seven or eight youths involved, it happened quite quickly," Mr Meadows said.

It happened in Lowe St, adjacent the McDonald's entrance, about 1.30pm

Mr Meadows was alerted to the incident by customers in the restaurant.

"He was calling for help," Mr Meadows said.

By the time he got outside, customers in other nearby shops had also rushed out to come to the man's assistance.

"I saw the youths running in the opposite direction," Mr Meadows said.

He was bleeding from the nose. The kid was very much concerned, he was worried about the man who must have been his dad."

He said the child appeared to be aged about eight or nine.

Mr Meadows went in search of the child's backpack and found it down a nearby street.

McDonald's staff also gave the victim and the child some drinks as they were "pretty shaken up".

Mr Meadows, who has worked at McDonald's in Nambour for a decade, said incidents like this did not happen often.

A police spokesman advised police were still investigating.

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