He's accused of beating his pregnant lover over 'cheating'

ACCUSED of violently beating his pregnant ex-girlfriend with a broom handle, a Gladstone man in custody was on Monday refused bail due to the severity of the charges.

Charged with contravention of a domestic violence order, the Gladstone Magistrates Court heard the man was at his ex-girlfriend's house when a fight broke out over his drug use.

Escalating quickly, the conversation turned to the man accusing his ex-girlfriend of cheating on him during his previous stint in prison.

The woman stood up from the bed she was sitting on, but not before the man landed a punch on the left side of her jaw, knocking her to the floor, hitting her head against the wall.

The court heard she curled herself up into a ball and asked him to stop several times and told him to leave, holding her stomach.


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When things looked as if they were beginning to calm down, she walked into the kitchen, only for him to follow, grab her phone and smash it on the floor.

Scared for her life, the woman ran back into the bedroom and locked herself in.

While the man was kicking and punching at the door trying to find a way in, she was trying to find a way out through one of the bedroom windows.

After jumping through a window, armed with the nearest object to her, a broomstick, she told the man who was now in front of her to leave, and that "not another (expletive) in this town would treat (her) like this".

After stopping for a quick cigarette break, the fighting picked up again and as the pair were walking back through the house the man snatched the broomstick and used it to beat her over the head.

The woman gave a statement to police on December 3, and the next day her ex-boyfriend was behind bars in a padded cell.

The man's current girlfriend showed up alongside a friend dressed in short shorts and singlets, and were told the next time they came to court, to wear more appropriate clothing.

She also told told the court that on the day her boyfriend was arrested she and the ex-girlfriend had been in a physical fight.

"She's a f****ing (expletive)," she said exiting the courtroom as her boyfriend was taken back into custody.

The man will reappear in court on January 30.

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