Snake catcher Dave Beck took this photo of an unhappy brown snake while in Kilkivan.
Snake catcher Dave Beck took this photo of an unhappy brown snake while in Kilkivan.

Snake bite prompts new warning

A MAN at Beerburrum yesterday became the 121st person in two years to need hospitalisation after being bitten by a snake on the Sunshine Coast.

Paramedics treated the 25-year-old about 9am near the State Forestry Office on Red Rd.

He was transported to Caboolture Hospital in a stable condition.

Snakes, some deadly, have been spotted moving about urban areas across the region as the weather warms up.

Students and teachers at Suncoast Christian College had a scare when a suspected brown snake slithered into school grounds earlier this week. It was removed.

A two-metre long eastern brown snake was seen by morning walkers slithering across the concrete path at Mooloolaba Spit on Saturday.

At the viewing platform near Point Cartwright, a sign warns against a large brown snake which has been living under the ramp.

The 25-year-old is one of several people bitten by a snake in south-east Queensland this month.

A woman died at Warwick Hospital last week after being bitten by a brown snake in her garden.

On Wednesday, a 17-year-old was taken to Kingaroy Hospital and shortly after a 13-year-old was transported to Gympie Hospital.

Maleny snake catcher Peter Morningstar said snake bites were actually quite rare.

"If you see a snake, leave them alone. If they are inside call a professional," he said.

Nambour General Hospital emergency medicine specialist Simon Jensen said the peak snake period on the Coast was January and February.

"For those bitten the prognosis is good if they can get to hospital in time, but sometimes snake bite victims do not even know they have been bitten," he said.

"If bitten, place a folded pad over the wound, immobilise the limb with a firm bandage - about the same as for a sprained ankle. Put a splint on the limb and call the ambulance on 000 immediately."


  • The most common dangerous snakes on the Coast are brown, tiger, black, death adder and taipan
  • If bitten, remain calm and do not move around
  • Don't wash the area
  • Forty-six people have presented to the Nambour Hospital Emergency Department in the past year.
  • This is down from the 62 presentations in the previous 12 months

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