Man filmed ‘assaulting girls’ at NSW bus stop


A MAN has been filmed allegedly assaulting a pair of teenage girls at a bus stop on a busy main road in the Northern Beaches.

The video - posted to social media - shows the intoxicated man throwing punches and kicking out at the group of young females on Pittwater Road at Dee Why on Friday night.

The man taunts the girls urging them to "call the police, call the police" before he himself uses his mobile phone to call his daughter.

"I'm going to call my daughter to come here and smash you now anyway," he says to the girls.

"For what?" one asks, before the man responds: "Because you are f**king ugly anyway".

When one of the girls attempts to get up, he yells "sit your a*se down".

The man is then heard speaking to a woman on the phone urging her to "come here and smash these A**os".

"I'm at the bus stop and these girls are making a mockery of me," he says on the phone.

One of the girls then pleads "we don't want a problem. I'm 12 and I don't want a problem with your husband," she pleads.

But the man ignores her, again telling the person on the phone: "I want you to come now and kick this little girl in the face".

Another man appears to intervene while yelling "brother no, brother you leave, I'm not letting you hurt these women" before a brief altercation breaks out.

The man then continues to throw punches towards the other man before he eventually storms off.

It's alleged in the social media post the man was making racial slurs toward the young women before the video began recording.

"My younger cousins were just quietly waiting for their bus home till this grown ass (sic) man who is obviously intoxicated started harassing my cousins who are underage, calling them 'A**s'," the Facebook post read.

"Behaviour like this is honestly the lowest I could think of.

"So embarrassing for a grown ass man to go on like this, disgusting."

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