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Man fined $700 over snake threat

A MAN accused of threatening police with a large snake during a bizarre stand-off was fined $700 yesterday.

Shane David Hobbs, 29, threatened police with a 1.5-metre-long snake at the scene of a three-vehicle crash on Sugar Rd at Maroochydore in September.

The heavyset New Zealander, who was not involved in the crash, walked straight into the scene with a Murray Darling carpet python draped across his shoulder.

Hobbs pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to assaulting police, obstructing police and being a public nuisance.

He attempted to throw the 50mm-wide snake through the window of a police car and on to a male officer sitting in the vehicle.

Witnesses said the barefoot man was abusive throughout the incident, shouting expletives at police officers before leaving on foot with the mellow snake still draped around his shoulders.

Witnesses said that Hobbs, who told the court he was drunk, waved the snake in the faces of several onlookers.

Hobbs had a permit for the reptile which is non-venomous. The pythons can grow to about 2.5 metres long.

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