Man protects baby from dog attack

AN IPSWICH man has been savagely attacked while trying to protect his child and pet dog from two guard dogs on the loose.

The man suffered deep bites during a sustained attack by two large german shepherds on Saturday afternoon.

Police said the 37-year-old man was pushing his seven-month-old daughter in a pram and walking his staffordshire terrier along Macalister St, Ipswich, when the offending dogs set upon the staffy.

Health and Regulation Committee chairman Andrew Antoniolli said the dogs ran onto the footpath through an open gate on a property to begin the attack.

The man attempted to break up the fight, but the two german shepherds turned on him, biting his legs.

He also sustained bites to his hand when he tried to prevent the dogs from lunging into his daughter's pram.

He was transported to the Ipswich General Hospital, where his injuries were stitched and dressed.

The pram was tipped over in the attack but the baby was not injured. The staffy was taken to the vet and treated for injuries.

Cr Antoniolli said Animal Control attended and seized the dogs, neither of which was registered with council.

He said they were working security dogs.

He described the attack as "very harrowing" and said the matter would be thoroughly investigated.

"We will be using all powers available including prosecution," Cr Antoniolli said.

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