21-year-old jailed for making meth in mum's garage

A 21-YEAR-OLD man who produced methamphetamine from his mother's garage has been sentenced to four years jail.

In the Bundaberg Supreme Court on Monday Joshua Leslie Challacombe pleaded guilty to 22 charges and four summary offences including 18 counts of supplying dangerous drugs, two counts of trafficking drugs and one count of producing dangerous drugs.

When police raided Challacombe's mother's Branyan Dr home on May 19, 2014, they found a clandestine lab which had been used to successfully produce methamphetamine.

A mobile phone was also seized by police which showed Challacombe sold methamphetamine and marijuana to a client base of about 25 people during a five-month period.

Crown prosecutor Vicki Loury said Challacombe had a history of anti-authority and anti-police behaviour and after his arrest showed very little co-operation with police.

Describing Challacombe's offending as "street level"; she said it was unusual to see someone involved in drugs at such a level producing their own drugs.

Defence barrister April Freeman said her client began producing and selling drugs to feed his own habit and his offending was "indicative of a very young person struggling with addiction".

The production of methamphetamine by Challacombe was relatively unsophisticated and text messages showed he had received a number of complaints about the quality of his methamphetamine from consumers.

Challacombe was originally released on bail in September 2014, but in August 2015 he was found with four marijuana plants and seeds. Justice Duncan McMeekin said it was apparent that Challacombe had "made a mess of his life".

"There's certainly a (drug) problem, no doubt about that," he said.

"It's accepted you were a heavy user of drugs.

"At some point you're going to have to realise you're going to spent your life in prison or comply with our laws."

Having already spent a combined period of 335 days in presentence custody, Challacombe will spend a further five months behind bars before the sentence is suspended on August 13.

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