Man jailed for stalking

A REAL estate agent became the victim of sustained stalking involving a letter drop campaign labelling him a paedophile, bomb threats and money demands.

It was the second time Tony Vincent Walters, 35, had targeted the Paddington businessman since 1997 for no "rational reason".

He now has a restraining order prohibiting him from going near the man, his wife or his children for 20 years.

Brisbane District Court heard on Thursday how Walters spent more than two years, between 1997 and 1999, sending obscene letters, demanding money and threatening to harm the man.

He also sent a letter to Queensland's Commission for Children - which monitors the state's blue card child protection system - about him.

Judge Tony Rafter said Walters also had been convicted of threatening to murder a police officer, sending him drawings "implying the threat to murder".

He said the accused this time sent offensive material contained in envelopes to businesses in the real estate agent's area.

Walters sent one such envelope by express post to a customer of the man alleging he was a child sex offender which "clearly he is not", Judge Rafter said.

He labelled the behaviour "disgraceful" before sentencing Walters to two years jail.

"One can only imagine the considerable anxiety caused to the (victim) and his family having accused him of paedophilia and (being a) dishonest businessman," he said.

"One concerning aspect is that there is no rational reason for you targeting this (man).

"Over a two-year period you targeted the (man) that led to convictions in 1999.

"Thirteen years after the beginning of that period of stalking you decide to target the (victim) again.

"The victim and his wife ... are terrified you will continue.

"They have no comprehension why you targeted them and no reason to think you won't start again once you are released from jail."

Walters was released immediately on parole, having already served 121 days in custody.

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