Man makes 244 phone calls to aggrieved from jail

A MAN has been jailed for choking his partner and calling her from prison 244 times.

The man, 32, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg District Court on Thursday to a charge of choking in a domestic setting, contravening a domestic violence order and two counts of giving false or misleading information.

Crown prosecutor Carla Ahern told the court that on September 5 the man and the woman had been arguing.

The woman walked away with the man following her before she began running.

The man then tackled the woman to the ground.

Ms Ahern said the man then grabbed the woman by the neck and lifted her up with her feet above the ground.

Members of the public then intervened to get the man away from her.

Ms Ahern said the victim couldn't speak and her vision began to blur during the incident. She suffered bruising and soreness to her neck.

Then while in custody the man gave the prison two phone numbers claiming to be for other people he knew.

The court heard the numbers were ones he could contact the woman on and he called her 244 times which breached his domestic violence order.

Ms Ahern told the court the man's criminal history started when he was 18.

She said he had no history of domestic violence offences, with most of his history drug and street kind offending.

She said the man t breached probation orders.

The man also previously received suspended sentence for previously assaulting a police officer.

Defence barrister Callan said his client's father passed away when he was young.

He said the man suffered from symptoms of anxiety and depression and was medicated.

Mr Cassidy said not long before the incident his client's medication had changed, which may have been a contributing factor to his behaviour.

Mr Cassidy said the woman did not lose consciousness and there were no threats made towards her in any of the calls.

The man told Judge Leanne Clare he had learnt his lesson and was remorseful.

Judge Clare said the experience "must have been terrifying" for the woman.

"You took her by the throat with both hands and you lifted her up, that is how you started to force her back to the house," she said.

"You did not stop voluntarily, you were forced to release her.

The man was sentenced to two years imprisonment with 245 days of pre-sentence custody declared as time served.

His three-month suspended sentence was also activated to be served cumulatively.

He will be released on parole on June 5.

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