Man not rich enough to be drug king pin, court told

A DEFENCE barrister has told jurors his client could not be the drug king pin portrayed because there is no evidence of stockpiles of cash or any associated wealth.

Sunshine Coast man William Myles Bush is facing trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court where he pleaded not guilty to trafficking large quantities of drugs.

Bush's barrister Andrew Hoare told the jury the Crown had chosen to charge his client with much more than he was actually involved with.

Mr Hoare said Bush had admitted to being involved with cannabis distribution, but not cocaine, methamphetamines or ecstasy as the crown alleged.

"He has admitted to you that he was involved with the sale of cannabis," he said

"But he strongly denies any involvement in the distribution of cocaine, methamphetamines or ecstasy.

"He was the one who told you that, not the Crown. You are the ones who investigated my client and brought the charges against him.

"You have to remember, the Crown has thrown a lot of money and resources at this case and they still have not been able to prove anything apart from what my client admitted to when giving evidence."

Mr Hoare said the Crown's case was reliant on evidence given earlier from people who were afforded reduced prison sentences for their evidence.

"Just because he has admitted to his involvement with cannabis supply, you cannot find him guilty because you may not like what he has done," he said.

"Do not be fooled by the Crown's fanciful claims.

"You have to remember those fanciful claims are as a result of evidence given by people who were afforded a five and seven year reduction in their sentences respectively for the information."

Mr Hoare went on to say there was no evidence of any associated wealth or a stockpile of money one might associate with a person trafficking large quantities of drugs.

"He was the one who told the Crown how much he made from the sale of cannabis," he said.

"The Crown told you how they used a forensic accountant to investigate my client.

"But remember they could not even tell you how much money he made from all this alleged drug trafficking."

Crown Prosecutor Todd Fuller is expected to address jury members today (Feb 26) before they retire to consider their verdict.

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