Man sets own home on fire, waves knives at police for hours

AFTER purposely setting his own home on fire, a 31-year-old man threatened police with a machete and a knife while also stabbing his own arm.

Neighbours alerted police after Shane Francis Hudd set his cabin in Glenwood alight using methylated spirits on February 17.

Hudd pleaded guilty to multiple charges in Maryborough District Court on Monday.

Crown prosecutor Melissa Wilson said Hudd swung the weapons for two hours at police officers.

"He was repeatedly asking for police to shoot him," Ms Wilson said.

"He was highly aggressive and didn't let go of the weapons."

Hudd threatened to kill the police officers and their dogs while verbally abusing them.

After the long haul, two police dogs brought down Hudd and he was taken into custody.

The court heard that Hudd has been homeless for most of his life, and bought the home in Glenwood, just south of Bauple, using money he gained after his father died.

The Maryborough Courthouse has Hudd's address listed as the Maryborough Correctional Centre. His defence barrister Paul Rutledge said his client was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Judge David Andrews said Hudd had a criminal history of swinging weapons at police officers, and has been in and out of prison for most of his adult life.

"A psychologist says you want police to kill you so it will prove your fear that the world is a terrible place," Judge Andrews said.

"Your life has been appallingly unlucky from the time you were a child."

Hudd was sentenced to 15-months imprisonment, no parole eligibility date.

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