Pet dog shot in cold blood

A MAN has been charged with dangerous conduct with a weapon after he shot a 10-year-old boy’s pet dog while the child was chasing after it.

Stanthorpe Police officer-in-charge Mark Ireland said the Maremma dog got off its lead, escaped the family’s Marinis Rd home at Mt Tully and ran up the road. Mt Tully is located south of Stanthorpe.

Senior Sergeant Ireland said the boy ran after the dog, calling it back, when he approached a rise in the road and heard a loud gunshot.

The boy found his dog lying dead on the side of the road with a gunshot wound to its neck.

The boy’s father, who had been following the pair, told the 45-year-old offender to leave their dog where it was as he phoned police.

However, the offender allegedly grabbed the carcass, dragged it onto his property, covered it with logs and set it on fire.

Snr Sgt Ireland said the offender used a .300 magnum rifle — an extremely large calibre weapon — to kill the dog.

“(That calibre gun) is used for shooting very large animals such as buffalo,” Snr Sgt Ireland said.

“The victim was concerned, not only for his dog, but the gun had been fired in close proximity to his child, who was following the dog.”

The offender told police he shot the dog as it was on his property.

However, police searched the scene and discovered a blood trail leading from the roadway to the offender’s property where he had dragged the dog.

Police charged the man on Friday with dangerous conduct with a weapon, discharging a weapon in public, unlawfully killing an animal, and stealing (the animal carcass).

He will appear in the Stanthorpe Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The incident happened on the evening of Saturday, August 6.

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