Man who threatened father with knife given parole

A MARYBOROUGH man who went on a drug-fuelled rampage with a knife at his father's place has narrowly escaped serving any more time behind bars.

Brenden Norman Corfield, 25, pleaded guilty on Monday in the Brisbane District Court to the serious assault of a police officer, assault and drug-related offences.

The charges stem from an incident on May 13 last year at his father's home in Brisbane where a police officer was forced to draw her weapon.

Crown prosecutor Amelia Loode told the court that on the morning of the offences Corfield had been acting strangely and had refused to allow his twin sisters to go to school.

She said that was when things turned ugly for those inside the house.

"He armed himself with a 30cm knife and threatened to kill his father if he allowed his sisters to go to school," she said.

"When police arrived an officer noticed him inside the house threatening his father and his sisters.

"The officer, fearing for their safety, drew her gun and ordered Corfield to drop the knife."

Ms Loode said Corfield then grabbed his eight-year-old son and used him as a shield while walking towards police.

She said Corfield was telling the officer to "f**k off" while advancing towards her.

"He was clutching his son with his right arm and holding the knife above his head with his left arm," she said.

"His son urged him to stop and eventually he released his son, dropped the knife and sat down of the front lawn as police had directed him to."

Ms Loode said Corfield had a history of violent offending for crimes in and around the Maryborough region, including attacking a man with a fence paling. The happened to be an off-duty police officer.

Defence barrister Joshua Fenton said there was no question that Corfield's bizarre behaviour was due to a psychotic episode.

He said his family had disowned him because of the incident.

"During his interview with police he was taking about all these conspiracies, voices and bikies," he said.

"His bizarre behaviour was most likely due to deterioration in his mental state at the time which was further compounded by cannabis use."

Judge Nicholas Samios sentenced Corfield to two years behind bars, but took into account the 251 days he had served in custody and ordered he be released on immediate parole.

"Fortunately, unlike many other offenders, you did not lunge at the officer with the knife," he said.

"If you had then things could have turned out a lot worse for everyone involved."

- APN Newsdesk


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