Wheelie bin death threat

AN IPSWICH man threatened to shoot his elderly neighbour with a rifle over a wayward rubbish bin.

Anthony Steven Bell, 30, and his 71-year-old neighbour had been in a longstanding dispute at Leichhardt when Bell confronted her and accused her of tampering with his wheelie bin.

Bell went to the woman's house at 6am and demanded to know why she was at his house mucking around with his bin at 3am.

The woman was sitting on her veranda having a cigarette and denied being there.

Bell wheeled her bin out onto the road and emptied all the rubbish into the street.

He then threatened to kill her with a gun and said, "You've had it this time, you're going to get hurt badly, and I will shoot you."

He continued to use profanities to the woman, who suggested his dogs had scattered the rubbish overnight.

Bell left and said, "I will get my mates onto you".

Police were called and they arrested Bell for threatening violence at night.

Bell was sentenced to perform 120 hours of unpaid community service.

Bell's defence said the dispute had been a result of ongoing problems, and Bell had contacted police about the woman's behaviour.

The lawyer said police weren't interested in acting on the man's complaints and instead had chosen to side with her each time.

The court heard Bell had a four-page criminal history.

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