Justin Briant left scratches on the face and arm of a female police officer.
Justin Briant left scratches on the face and arm of a female police officer. Daily Mercury

Man tried to eye gouge female cop

A FEMALE police officer suffered scratches to her face and arms when she tried to arrest Justin Briant in Mackay.

Briant, 38, has previously been arrested by police for street offences and he was banned from consuming alcohol for 12 months for similar offences in January, 2009.

The latest incident occurred when police officers were on patrol in Victoria Street at 3.50am on a Saturday, prosecutor Sheena Hayes told the Mackay Magistrate's Court yesterday.

Briant was seen lying on the footpath and there appeared to be blood on the back of his head.

He told police he had fallen on some food on the footpath and hit his head.

Officers called the Queensland Ambulance Service to attend the scene to treat his head wound.

He became agitated and tried to leave.

A friend stayed with him.

Police checked his personal details and realised there was a warrant out for him so they detained him.

Ambulance officers arrived and he became aggressive towards them.

Police arrested him and he refused to be handcuffed and pushed two police offices up into a shop window.

“He attempted to gouge at the right eye of the female officer and missed. She suffered scratches below her eye and on her right arm,” Ms Hayes said.

Other police arrived and he was taken away.

Representing himself in court, Briant said he was a sales representative who did part-time night work in the hospitality industry and had just finished work that night and had not been drinking.

“I was knocked out for about five minutes and can't remember anything about it,” he said.

However, he said he accepted the police version of events because he could not remember anything himself.

Briant pleaded guilty to assaulting police.

Magistrate Athol Kennedy placed him on an $800, 15-month good behaviour bond and ordered him to pay $300 compensation to the injured police officer.

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