CQ man turns to drugs after losing friend, wife and child

SIX weeks of trafficking methamphetamines landed a Gladstone man with a four year jail term yesterday, after he pleaded guilty to five drug-related offences.

Rockhampton's Supreme Court yesterday heard that Anthony John Robert Featherstone had 40-50 customers in his "street-level" drug trafficking operation.

The 40-year-old faced two charges of supplying, one count of trafficking and one count of possessing dangerous drugs, on top of summary charges of possessing drug related items.

One text message he sent, in December 10 2014, offered to supply a "ball", or 3.5g of meth, to a person for $2000.

Another, from December 18 2014, discussed supplying 0.15g for $150.

A search of his house in June unveiled two mobiles which contained those messages, and others that implicated him in his trafficking operation over a six week period.

Police also found eight bags which contained a total of 0.712g of ice, and a list of eight people who owed him a total of $1355. At one point he also owed his own suppliers $3000.

Defence barrister Maree Willey said Featherstone had a clean record until the age of 37, with his drug use coming after the death of a friend and a subsequent divorce.

He was soon using drugs daily and found he could not afford his new habit, so declared bankruptcy and began selling drugs both commercially and to support his own habit.

However, she said there were hopes for his rehabilitation

Crown prosecutor Alexandra Baker told the court Featherstone's offending breached a suspended prison sentence and his parole.

He had originally been granted bail for the charges, but committed more drug offences while waiting for his court appearance.

He had been remanded in custody, with 128 days in jail already declarable.

He was sentenced to four years jail for trafficking, to be suspended on December 12 with a five year operational period, and two and a half years for the first supply with a parole release date also as of December 12.

They will be served concurrently, along with his other 12 month and six month jail sentences.

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