Man who skipped court jailed for violent home invasion

A GYMPIE man who on two occasions failed to turn up to court for sentencing has been eventually jailed for his role in a violent home invasion.

Tom McCubbin, 27, pleaded guilty in the Brisbane District Court on Thursday to charges stemming from the home invasion on September 16, 2012, near Caboolture.

The court heard the occupant of the house was lured away before McCubbin and three others stormed the premises looking for drugs and money.

However, they did not realise the partner of the man they had lured away remained inside the house.

Crown Prosecutor Elizabeth Shaw told the court the occupant called police and all four were eventually arrested a short time later as they attempted to flee.

"The four of them hatched this plan targeting a house that was located in a rural setting," she said.

"Each of them were armed with guns, or what appeared to be guns.

"All of them were wearing dark clothing and balaclavas."

Mr Shaw said when police searched their getaway vehicle they located a treasure trove of illegal items.

"A police search of the car located a taser, zip ties, an extendable baton and a cattle prod," she said.

"They also located a hand written map of the house, shotgun shells and firearms."

Ms Shaw said McCubbin's co-accused had been sentenced last year for their role in the crime.

"On two occasions McCubbin failed to appear in court in relation to the matter," she said.

"He was arrested in Gympie in August last year and again in February this year for failing to appear.

"This was a very serious home invasion and it was fortunate no one was injured."

Defence barrister Ruth O'Gorman said her client had suffered a disadvantaged upbringing and was seeking help for his drug addiction.

She tendered a lengthy psychologist's report which outlined difficulties McCubbin had during his early years.

Judge Michael Shanahan sentenced McCubbin to two-years and nine month in jail and ordered he be released on parole after serving 11 months of the sentence.

"You had a somewhat disruptive upbringing as well as a significant substance abuse problem," he said.

"You have a relatively minor criminal history compared to that of your co-accused."

He ordered that McCubbin be released on parole on January 24, 2015.

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