Police and paramedics attend the scene of a dog attack at Raceview yesterday, where a man was injured.
Police and paramedics attend the scene of a dog attack at Raceview yesterday, where a man was injured. Rob Williams

Man's arms savaged by dogs

A MAN has been mauled on both arms after intervening in a fight between two dogs at a house in Raceview yesterday.

Neighbour Maurice Lindsay called an ambulance after the clearly injured man came to his door seeking help.

“I heard the dogs fighting and a crash, then the next thing the man came over, knocked on our door and asked us to ring an ambulance,” Mr Lindsay said.

“Both arms had great hunks of flesh hanging out and big cuts all the way down.”

The man, believed to be in his late 40s, sustained the injuries while trying to separate two rhodesian ridgeback cross bull mastiffs that were fighting in the courtyard of the house.

It is believed the incident escalated when the dogs began fighting over a stick.

Mr Lindsay said the dogs had recently become more aggressive towards one another.

“There’s one male, the older dog, and he’s always been the boss, and now one of his pups has grown up and decides he wants to be boss,” he said.

The injured man and a second man present at the time of the attack live on the property, but neither men are the dogs’ owners.

The second man was also involved in the incident but escaped without serious injury.

Mr Lindsay said he gave the man first aid until ambulance officers arrived.

He said the dogs did fight from time to time but to his knowledge had never attacked anyone.

“They have got out of the yard occasionally but they just let me grab them and put them back in.”

Police and council animal control officers attended, but after discussions with both men, the dogs were not removed.

A police spokesman said no official complaint had been made, and the fate of the dogs rested with the council because the incident had happened on private property.

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