Marist kids immerse in Japanese culture

FAR FROM HOME: Year 9 and 10 students from Marist College recently travelled to Japan to immerse themselves in the culture they had been learning about in class. cont

STUDENTS and teachers were turning Japanese when they visited the country recently.

Ten students in Year 9 and nine in Year 10 from Marist College travelled to Japan along with the deputy principal Mark Hayes, his wife Belinda, and teacher Leigh Murray.

The students were studying the Japanese junior program at Marist and the trip was designed to immerse students in the culture so they could experience it first-hand.

“We went to many historical sights, such as, the Kamakura Buddha and the Asakusa Sensoji temple,” teacher Leigh Murray said.

“We went to sumo wrestling, (which) was a great experience. We got to see the champion of the sumo world wrestle and the students got into cheering."

The trip wasn’t all sight-seeing as the students also attended school for five days.

The students were integrated into classrooms and Leigh said they were very popular with the Japanese students, often being asked for photos and autographs.

“The highlight of the trip was going to Disneyland. The day started off raining but turned into a wonderful day,” she said.

“It really is like walking into another world every time you enter a different land and we stayed right until near-closing to watch the light parade,” Leigh said. “By the end of the trip they didn’t want to leave.”

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