Ford ute recall: Faulty back seats dangerous during crash

FORD has recalled some its Ranger model utes amidst concerns the back seats could fold in a crash and lead to passengers being injured. 

Two classes of Ranger Double Cabs built from November 30, 2012 through to November 3, 2015 are subject to the recall. 

The car manufacturer has called for the immediate recall of these vehicles, in the PX and PX Mark II class, for safety reasons.

2015 Ford PX Ranger MkII.
Photo: Contributed
2015 Ford PX Ranger MkII. Photo: Contributed Ekarat Wisuttiwan

"On some vehicles, the rear folding seatback latch spring may break causing the latch mechanism to malfunction, potentially preventing the rear seatback from locking into the upright position," the recall notice read.

"This may increase the risk of injury to rear seat occupants in the event of a collision."

Ford is currently working with suppliers to deliver the required parts for repair.

It will also write to owners of the affected cars.

"Until the safety recall repair is completed, the rear seat should not be occupied by passengers unless you have first confirmed tat the rear seatback is secure and fully engaged," the notice reads.

Further information can be obtained from Ford Motor Company on 1800 503 672.

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