Mayor Paul Pisasale.
Mayor Paul Pisasale. File

Pisasale helped save company and jobs

A MAJOR shareholder in Antaria yesterday defended the decision to choose Paul Pisasale as a director on the publicly-listed company, saying it was now profitable and shares had more than doubled in value.

Former chief executive of Tamawood Limited, which traded as Dixon Homes, Lev Mizikovsky, holds 30% of shareholdings in Antaria.

He said since Mr Pisasale was elected as a director early in 2013, the company had been turned around from a spin-off of a research and development project at the University of Western Australia with millions in losses to reporting a profit.

Mr Pisasale was one of two new non-executive directors elected in 2013, with shareholders also voting in University of Queensland Business School Adjunct Professor Ron Higham.

Mr Pisasale has a Diploma in Industrial Chemistry from the Queensland University of Technology and previously worked in the government chemical laboratories.

"We've got really good directors and we keep telling them to change the place," Mr Mizikovsky said. "But to find an industrial chemist with a good understanding of approval processes and someone who can really change the culture very quickly, it was a miracle he was prepared to do it and he has done an absolutely amazing job.

"You pay a director for knowledge and experience they have accumulated over the years.

"You can't measure the hours. (Mr Pisasale) has done a lot more than the hours.

"It's his knowledge, his attitude, his determination.

"Cities could hire two mayors and they get twice the amount of hours to do what Pisasale has done for Ipswich and with directors it's exactly the same."

Mr Pisasale yesterday criticised The Courier-Mail for reports he said were an unfair attack on his reputation and his family.

"Why are people singling me out? If I've done something wrong, tell it to the CCC (Crime and Corruption Commission)," he said. "It's an attack on my family.

"I just want people to leave me and my family alone.

"There's been a CCC inquiry that's been called. It's been going for seven months. I want people to let the CCC do their job."

Mr Pisasale earns $80,000 a year as director on the board of the Perth-based stockmarket-listed company Antaria.

Despite his busy schedule the Mayor has attended all 13 council ordinary meetings last financial year and 107 of the 132 meetings for council committees he is on.

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