Mackay Regional Council mayor Greg Williamson is looking at incentives to bring Adani's headquarters to Mackay.
Mackay Regional Council mayor Greg Williamson is looking at incentives to bring Adani's headquarters to Mackay. Luke Mortimer

Mayor's bold bid to entice Adani to move HQ here

CONVINCING Adani to relocate its Carmichael coal mine headquarters to Mackay is now a shared goal for industry leaders across the region.

Mackay Mayor Greg Williamson, Whitsunday Mayor Andrew Willcox and Mackay Airport and North Queensland Bulk Ports representatives met with two Adani delegates yesterday, and pitched the merits of bringing their mining workforce hub, and up to 125 jobs, to Mackay.

Cr Williamson highlighted the mining industry expertise, the affordable housing, the 'livability', and even the presence of a 500-family strong Indian community as reasons Adani should pick Mackay as the location for its mining headquarters.

Should Mackay be chosen, Cr Williamson said it would then make 'extreme sense' that it also become the base for its FIFO workforce, and for mine site materials to be transported through the Mackay Port.

In order to attract these "immense" opportunities, Cr Williamson said Mackay Regional Council would soon consider putting other incentives on the table.

It may consider putting forward ratepayer dollars to "assist" workers required to move to the region, he said.

He said discounted infrastructure charges could also be offered to Adani, particularly as other major projects had been offered the concession recently.

"That's what we've got to do. Every town on the Queensland coast is trying to get Adani to base themselves in their region," Cr Williamson said.

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While he said these savings council could offer would not make difference to the financial bearing of the project, he said it would be seen as a show of support from the region.

The mayor now wanted to see a show of support from state government.

He called on 'the top levels' of state government to meet with environmental groups and 'come to a resolution' to end the on-going litigation against the mine.

"I don't understand the environmental attack at this point. Adani are power generators. They're going to get the coal from somewhere," he said.

"This is something of national significance. We've got to have some sort of resolution here."

When contacted for comment, Premier Annastacia Palasczuk said last month parliament agreed a motion that all State Government approvals be provided to help create jobs. Since then she said government and the independent Coordinator General have been working closely with Adani to facilitate these approvals for the Carmichael Coal and Rail project.

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