Member for Toowoomba North John McVeigh at his campaign launch. Photo Andrew Backhouse / The Chronicle
Member for Toowoomba North John McVeigh at his campaign launch. Photo Andrew Backhouse / The Chronicle Andrew Backhouse

McVeigh calls on farmers to stick with the LNP

THE LNP talked up their agricultural record yesterday but the Queensland Farmers Federation believes all parties need to do more to help the state's farmers.

Agriculture Minister John McVeigh yesterday called on Queensland farmers to stick with the LNP.

"Since 2012 I have established industry roundtables across beef, dairy, grains, horticulture and skilling to encourage industry and government to work together to address issues and find solutions," Mr McVeigh said.

"The Newman LNP Government continues to consult with industry and work with them to build the policy framework for the future. It is not something we do every time an election rolls around but something we are working constantly with industry on."

QFF general president Grant Maudsley said farmers needed more political help from governments.

"If agriculture is to enter into the golden age predicted by analysts throughout the world in response to growing demand for our product in Asia we require strong leadership from a government of any persuasion to set in place a policy base which facilitates the sustainable and profitable production of high quality food and fibre," Mr Maudsley said.

"We are now looking to our government, regardless of who this may be, to sit down with us as a matter of priority following the election to detail how we will drive and lead a prosperous rural sector for the benefit of all Queenslanders."

Last week Labor said they would boost biosecurity capabilities, examine rising power price impacts on agriculture and set up a rural job agency to match skilled workers with rural employers.


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