Men feel marriage stress

ALMOST 350,000 Australian men believe getting married is the most stressful life event they face compared to just 70,000 Australian women, according to a startling new survey.

“While men are four times more likely than women to be most stressed about marriage, women are significantly more stressed than men about having their home and belongings destroyed by a natural disaster,” said David Carter, executive general manager of Suncorp Life.

The findings debunk the myth of the cool, calm and collected groom, and give rise to a new breed of wedding monster...‘The Groomzilla’. The results may also go some way in explaining the tendency of grooms fainting at the altar.

The survey suggests there are approximately 2.4 million Australian women who rated having their home destroyed by a natural disaster as the most stress inducing event, compared to 1.8 million men.

“From these results it can be reasonably suggested that due to the recent natural disasters, Queensland woman are currently among the most stressed in the country,” Mr Carter said.

The Newspoll survey, commissioned by Suncorp Life, analysed how particular events ranked on an Australian’s stress barometer and examined them based on gender and generation.

Respondents were asked to rank the top three most stressful of a series of stressful events. Having your home or belongings destroyed in a natural disaster was most commonly ranked the most stressful overall.

“1.5 million Australians say they have been directly affected by a natural disaster event in the last three months. Unsurprisingly, 800,000 Queenslanders made up the lion’s share of this statistic following the tragic cyclone and flood events that ravaged the state earlier this year,” Mr Carter said.

Listing the categories in order of most stressful to least, natural disasters were followed by serious illness or injury, losing a job, getting divorced, having a child, moving house and lastly, getting married.

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