Men jailed over identity fraud

TWO men stole more than half a million identities from a car rental company and used them to make $250,000 worth of fraudulent transactions.

Shane Robert Douglas Baker, 34, and Brendon Michael Nicholas, 27, were jailed for seven years when they faced Brisbane District Court for using real personal details from the stolen identities to get drivers licences, Medicare cards and finance cards.

Nicholas was working for a computer company providing technical support to a car rental business when he downloaded personal and financial details of their clients.

Judge Tony Rafter said the men's efforts were "sophisticated" and their methods generally a "success".

He said fake drivers' licences looked genuine, with real names and false photos.

"You used computer hardware and stolen information to match the identities to real persons," he said.

"When caught by police you were actively pursuing other fraud activities."

Judge Rafter said the two men, who only desisted through police involvement, were both on parole for other serious offending when they were caught.

Baker had been in jail for property offences and an armed robbery while Nicholas has been in jail for trafficking steroids.

The men are eligible for parole on March 10, 2014.

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