BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Prestige Mercedes C300 Coupe has blinding good looks and performance to match.
BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Prestige Mercedes C300 Coupe has blinding good looks and performance to match. Mark Bramley

Mercedes-Benz C300 Coupe road test and review

THE road test analysis was profound.

"I love the performance. I love the look. I love that cabin. How much?"  

Rarely does the bride return with such an emphatic statement. It means that Mercedes-Benz has achieved yet another winner...and I need to analyse the finances.   

The coupe version of the three-pointed star's C-Class arrived this year and is one classy unit.   While the rear and styling of the sedan has many nonplussed, this derivative is something special.  


The concave finish creates an air of lavishness. The materials feel quality everywhere you touch, and our test car's red leather added an extra sense of opulence.  

Behind the wheel you feel embedded. Sitting low, the driver still has a good view of the road along with clear and concise instruments. The analogue speedo and tachometer sit either side of the digital display which can be configured to your preference by steering wheel mounted controls.  

Mercedes C300 Coupe
Mercedes C300 Coupe Mark Bramley

Sporting front seats hug passengers into place, nicely supportive in the right places, while the two contoured rear chairs are also comfortable.   

Both front seats fold forward nicely to make entry and exit relatively easy (a small electronic arm kindly passes the seat belt to front passengers from the B-pillar which ensures you don't dislocate your shoulder).   

There is limited head room in the rear, and those much taller than 165cm will find their hair brushing on the roof. 

On the road

Burly and strong, this turbocharged four-cylinder really does punch above its weight.  

The secret lies with a small toggle on the console. That's where you can choose between a subdued or raucous personality of the C300.   

That toggle changes various characteristics of the car, varying from eco for the most thrifty of travel, comfort for a plush ride along, along with sport and then sport plus for some serious excitement.  

And those who love to drive will really appreciate the sporting personalities. If you've lost that lovin' feeling, then the C300 has the ability to rekindle the romance.   

Punch the accelerator and there is some serious response underfoot, and it feels beautifully planted when things get twisty.   

The lovely exhaust soundtrack pops and crackles as it trims through the gears. Feeling beautifully well weighted through the steering, it embodies confidence.  

Mercedes C300 Coupe
Mercedes C300 Coupe Mark Bramley

What do you get?

Your basic coupe already comes with dual-zone climate control, infotainment system with touchpad control, Bluetooth connectivity and iPod integration, sat nav, reverse camera with parking sensors, digital radio, push-button start and LED performance headlights, but the C300 also gets the rorty exhaust, 19-inch alloys, along with a colour display combined with a 13-speaker Burmester sound system that's equipped to play DVDs and has internet connectivity.  

Running costs

Our addiction to the athletic persona saw us return a week-long average of 9.5 litres for every 100km. That's about three litres more than the official figure, although improved efficiency would be easily achievable with economy mode and easier driving.   

Silver or platinum capped price servicing is also available, so you can bundle maintenance costs into a finance deal.   

Running on 19-inch alloys, replacement tyres could be a regular occurrence depending on your driving style. Sporting European offerings usually run on softer tyres to improve comfort while maintaining grip, although the price of 19s has reduced dramatically in recent years.   


Typically you must make many concessions when driving a coupe. Not so with the C300.  

Four people can be carried, and the boot is good enough for a couple of suitcases. The rear seats also fold in a 40-20-40 configuration.   

The trade-off for that boot space is the lack of a spare tyre...just the repair goop. Run-flat tyres are available, but they will hurt the hip pocket more if you regularly test the sprinting abilities of the C300.   

Mercedes C300 Coupe
Mercedes C300 Coupe Mark Bramley

Funky factor

The lines and styling resonate riches. While the price tag is still at the upper end for many, the C300 Coupe does look like a far more expensive car.  

An AMG pack is standard, giving it the perfect low-slung sporting coupe profile.   

Inside is especially impressive and the use of aluminium along with the Burmester sound system just looks brilliant with the curved speakers embedded in the door and the contoured looks of those plush luxury seats.   

The lowdown

Prestige is most often about presence. Badge pride and driveability are the motivating factors which inspire most to part with their hard-earned.  

The C300 Coupe is a combination of posh and performance. It looks expensive, feels extravagant, and it feels special every time you climb inside.  

Vital statistics

Model: Mercedes-Benz C300 Coupe.  

Details: Two-door all-wheel drive luxury coupe.  

Engine: 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-petrol generating maximum power of 180kW @ 5500rpm peak torque of 370Nm 1300-4000rpm.  

Transmission: Seven-speed automatic.  

Consumption: 6.6 litres/100km (combined average).  

Performance 0-100kmh: 6.0 seconds; top speed 210kmh.   

Bottom line plus on-roads: $83,400.  

Mercedes C300 Coupe
Mercedes C300 Coupe Mark Bramley

What matters most

What we liked: Expensive looks inside and out, sporting characteristics, surprisingly practical for a coupe.  

What we'd like to see: Improved exhaust sound in modes other than sport-plus, alarm system standard.  

Warranty and servicing: Three-year unlimited kilometre warranty with capped-price servicing package available. Servicing is at 25,000km or annually.    


The verdict

Driving experience  18/20  

Features and equipment  18/20  

Functionality and comfort  17/20  

Value for money  18/20  

Style and design  18/20  

Total  89/100    

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