Generic image of a comet.
Generic image of a comet. Contributed

Mixed reports on bright objects in sky last night in CQ

10am: THERE are reports circulating that the bright spots in the sky last night may not have been Comet Ison.

Some are saying it was a meteorite, with reports in Canada of the bright lights and then loud noises similar to an earthquake.  A reader of an APN newspaper has pointed us to this story: Canada reports

Meanwhile, another reader has pointed to another website that forecasted the route of a space object re-entering the earth's atmosphere. See this here: Space Object

9:09am: AN AWE inspiring event in last night's sky has Rockhampton region abuzz this morning.

Trev Brunskill messaged The Bulletin this morning via Facebook asking if anyone knew what was the 10 small meteorites in the sky last night.

Reports indicate the event was seen in skies in Queensland between 7.30pm and 8pm.

He said he saw a streak of about 10 small meteorites with really long trails going over Mount Morgan way.

The Bulletin has posted a status on Facebook asking readers what they saw.

Daryl Jacobson, who lives at the Walter Reid building in the CBD, says when he did research after seeing the astronomical event, he found it was the Comet Ison.

He said the research showed the comet is orbiting the sun and is expected back in the skies above Earth on December 26 (Boxing Day).

There are reports of sightings around Queensland, with readers of sister newspapers in Gympie and Sunshine Coast having managed to capture the comet with photographs and videos.

Here are some of the local eye witness accounts:

Kellie-Jane Sutton - Gave me goosebumps .....incredibly bright was like a string of different sized lights ...not just one shooting star ....thought it was a satellite crashing or a plane went on forever not losing any of its intensity before it disappeared over the horizon ...still waiting for other sources to confirm what it was ...apparently comet ison is not expected to appear in our skies for some weeks yet ....have seen recounts of sightings from Rockhampton to moranbah up to mackay and down as far as sunny coast and Brisbane ....

Kylie Jorgensen - I did see it I live in gracemere, around 8 last night. It was like a slow shooting star with lots of tail. Did not have a camera. :(

Marilyn Albury Ross - Yes it was inspiring :) never seen anything like it

Marilyn Albury Ross - I did see it but was so amazed by it i thought of the recording after it was over..

Kellie-Jane Sutton  - We saw it ! Massive ! Head over to central queensland storm chasers page ...loads of people there with recounts of seeing it also ...most amazing thing I've witnessed in many years .

Daryl Jacobson  - We live in Walter Reid and we managed to see it.
We researched through google afterward and it is comet Ison which is orbitting the sun and if it survives the pass will be be back in our skies on Dec 26, Boxing Day.
But the spectacle itself was awe inspiring. Bright yellow/white ball of fire with a tail that reminded me of the mythical creature, the phoenix, with its fiery tale seemingly kilometres long sparkling and clear as day.
For those of us who have shared this sight, it is one of those moments in life we may be left thinking we live in auspicious times.

Mikaela Cooling - Apparently people in Moranbah

Sonia Weldon - my niece in koongal seen it thinking it was a shooting star

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