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Michael Jackson made confetti from family photos

MICHAEL Jackson thought his family were "gutless moochers".

The late 'Thriller' hitmaker reportedly ordered staff members to buy magazines featuring pictures of his parents and siblings and enjoyed shredding the images and throwing them around his home.

One former staff member said: "He was on a mission. There was an old Ebony magazine in which he saw a picture of the Jackson 5. He didn't like it, and so he would send people out with about $500, and when they brought the magazines back, he'd play a game of confetti where he'd shred pictures of his brothers and sisters and even his parents and throw them all around the halls and into the guest quarters.

"He said, 'Yuck, they don't deserve to have my name, they are gutless moochers. I'm the only star. They should be cleaning my shoes.' "

And another former maid revealed the King of Pop was "surprisingly very anti-Semitic and hated Dreamworks founders Steven Spielberg, David Geffern and Jeffrey Katzenberg - whose pictures he displayed on a dart board in his bedroom - because he believed they had stolen his idea for the studio.

The staff member said: "Any of the children he played with who hit the bullseye would get extra ice cream or anything else they wanted.

"He hated those guys with a passion. He was surprisingly very anti-Semitic. He'd lead some of the kids in chants: 'Kill the b******s,' and 'Kill the bloodsuckers.' "

The maid said her employer was disgusted to watch Spielberg receive a Los Angeles Film Critics award in the 1990s.

She recalled to the New York Post newspaper: "It was crazy. He turned into his favourite 'Twilight Zone' character, and his eyes kind of bugged out, and he went into this crazy trance, pointing his finger at the television screen and saying, 'You're a bad man, a very bad man'.

"At first, I thought he'd bust out laughing or something or that he was playing around, but it changed his entire mood. He was dead serious."

According to the maid, the 'Bad' singer would wish the filmmaker into "Jew hell".

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