Inventor Mick Falkstrom with his rope clamp.
Inventor Mick Falkstrom with his rope clamp.

New rope clamp invention

A DICKY Beach inventor has put a new twist on an old favourite, and the idea burst from his mind into the marketplace in less than a year.

Mick Falkstrom, who has more than 30 years' experience in the building industry, saw a need for a clamp that was an alternative to the traditional sash or pipe clamps.

The rope clamp has no protruding parts, is compact enough to fit in a toolbox, weighs much less than steel clamps and is small enough so it doesn't present a trip hazard.

Mr Falkstrom said the 3.5m clamps cost $85, were easy to use and aimed primarily at the cabinet making industry.

"But I can see uses throughout the building industry for other trades such as carpenters and stonemasons, to name a few.

"Basically, the rope clamp is a great alternative to conventional clamps in any applications.

"There are some considerable time savings when using it.

"Conservative estimates on time saved is approximately 30% to 40% compared to the common sash and pipe clamps.

"Currently they are only available directly from me (Falkstrom Innovations).

"I am negotiating with a few hardware suppliers at the moment, and hopefully they will soon also be able to sell them.

"But I have only just launched the product, so it will take some time to get it out in the marketplace through conventional channels."

Mr Falkstrom said his biggest hurdle was patenting. Once he had a working prototype in the middle of this year, the patent application took months to submit.

"I was granted the patent in September this year.

"The prototype was also tweaked a few times to come up with the final product using available componentry and materials.

"It is locally developed and manufactured.

"Part of the design process was the availability of components and materials, and I was always trying to find local or interstate suppliers.

"Once suppliers were found it was just a matter of coming up with a manufacturing process that was going to be efficient.

"I am starting in a small way, but as sales increase, I have plans in place to handle the growth."

And the secret to taking an idea from dream to product in your hand so quickly?

"It's a combination of drive, focus, organisational skills and an ability to visualise something. Not to mention the invaluable input from trusted people."

Contact Mr Falkstrom on 0412 488 495.

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