Sue Lamb celebrates her surprise $10 million windfall.
Sue Lamb celebrates her surprise $10 million windfall. Photo: Facebook

Million-dollar lady tells of short lived dream

WHAT would you do if you were a multi-millionaire?

Susan Lamb thought she had all the right answers - book 30 consecutive luxury cruises on the Queen Mary II and sail around the world, and buy an aeroplane and fly to Nepal to build a school and feed the poor.

But when it actually happened, the former Sunshine Coast resident found herself unwittingly on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

It all began when Ms Lamb pulled into a service station at Morayfield and took the wrong card out to withdraw money from an ATM machine.

"I accidentally used my credit card to get out $100. I never use it normally," she said.

"When I saw the available balance of $9,990,420.94, I just freaked."

Ms Lamb said she called the ANZ bank straight away to tell them the money had been accidentally credited to her account.

"The gentleman I spoke to said 'Miss Lamb, they are your funds, they are your company's compounded funds," she said.

The receipt Sue Lamb uploaded showing her bank balance.
The receipt Sue Lamb uploaded showing her bank balance. Photo: Facebook

"I told him I didn't have a company, I was a sole trader and he needed to do a credit search to see where the money had come from."

With no result, Ms Lamb began to panic and asked to speak with a manager but it was a Sunday.

She was told to call back in business hours.

On Sunday night, Ms Lamb posted several photos and comments to Facebook encouraging her female friends to join her on a trip to Tahiti.

Some even encouraged her to transfer the money into another account.

But Ms Lamb was determined to see the money go back to its rightful owner, recalling what happened when a couple from New Zealand found themselves in a similar situation in 2011.

They were found guilty of a string of fraud crimes after using money unexpectedly deposited into their account to go on a luxury holiday, sparking an international manhunt.

The money had disappeared from Ms Lamb's account without explanation between 8.30am and 11.30am yesterday morning but she was left with a $7500 overdraft fee for the trouble.

She was later told she wouldn't have to pay back the fee. 

"It was very generous of the CEO to give me such a wonderful Valentine's Day gift, but roses and chocolates would have sufficed," she joked.

"They will need to give me a holiday after all of this stress and absolute panic."

An ANZ spokesman said while the bank was unable to go into detail about the situation, it could confirm the customer chose to have an unlimited "monthly spend cap" on her account, which is commonplace for small business customers.

"This does not mean the customer can access unlimited funds or outspend the account's credit limit,'' the spokesman said.

"Instead, when the customer reaches their credit limit, they must then make a payment in order to allow them to further spend beyond the credit limit.

"The available balance on the BOQ ATM receipt refers to the amount of the monthly spend cap (monthly spend cap less any spend from that month) rather than the available credit (total credit limit including debit or credit transactions for that month).

"We're investigating why the BOQ's receipt is showing the monthly spend cap rather than the actual balance."

The bank apologised for any inconvenience.

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