David Kirk and Corinne Wieland say they're engaged.
David Kirk and Corinne Wieland say they're engaged. Channel 7

MKR 'baddie' David says he hammed it up for the cameras

DAVID Kirk and Corinne Wieland say they still love cooking and each other after their elimination on My Kitchen Rules last night.

The "Captain" and his trophy "wife" made history for all the wrong reasons on the show after receiving the lowest ever instant restaurant score of 27 on Monday night.

Country NSW mother and daughter gatecrashers Cathy and Anna easily beat their score, sending the Cairns couple packing.

"We still entertain; we still cook for each other," Corinne told APN.

"We certainly haven't lost the passion for cooking."

The controversial lovebirds were highly critical of the other teams and their two-year relationship was the subject of a Woman's Day article this week in which Corinne's husband and former partner David Wood spoke of his heartbreak after being dumped for the 53-year-old "Captain", as David is known on the show.

"It is what it is and you can't believe everything you read," said Corinne, who spent her childhood in Blackall.

"We read the other day that we we're going to have 10 kids (laughs)."

But former bank manager David, who is now in real estate, actually jumped to Corinne's husband's defence on Sunrise yesterday.

"I don't actually think he said those things; David's not like that," he told the breakfast program.

David and Corinne say they are engaged, despite still not being officially divorced from their former partners.

"The reason we're not married yet is because we're still married to other people, he said.

"We're not with them. They're estranged."

David said despite the negative "beat up" on social media, he and Corinne have been greeted positively by fans.

"In real life people just love us," he said.

"I think I'm a pretty good guy. We did ham it up for the TV show, you know, you do what the directors want you to do. We had a lot of fun with it."

David and Corinne say they've been
David and Corinne say they've been "humbled" by MKR experience. (c)Simon Scott Photo

Despite being portrayed as the villain at the dinner table, David said he and Corinne have formed many good friendships off camera.

"We didn't think we would meet friends for life on there, and we really have," David said.

"Quite a few have booked their holidays to Cairns to come up and see us."

The Cairns couple will be cheering on Gold Coast teachers Paul and Blair as they progress to the next phase of the competition.

"We want to go for Paul and Blair," Corinne said.

"They're such nice guys and fellow Queenslanders, but they will have to watch out for Thalia and Bianca."

Tonight, the remaining teams meet for the first time to compete in the show's first MKR Food Truck challenge with guest judge Colin Fassnidge.

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