David and Corinne receiving some harsh feedback during their second instant restaurant in Cairns.
David and Corinne receiving some harsh feedback during their second instant restaurant in Cairns. Andrew Watson

MKR shocker: David and Corinne’s Titanic take two

CAPTAIN Jack and his housewife look set to walk the plank after their "epic fail" on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

Rather than redeeming themselves on the reality cooking show, lovebirds David and Corinne earned the lowest instant restaurant score in the show's history four-year history: 27.

The Cairns couple vowed to serve love on a plate, but there was no love for any of their three dishes at the table.

While they drastically improved their time management, allowing Corinne to even iron David's pants just a few minutes before the guests arrived as he poured himself a glass of red, their cooking and flavor combinations let them down.

Judge Pete Evans said in theory the corn soup and prawns in their entree should have been a good combination.

 "Unfortunately I find this dish really disappointing," Evans said.

"What you've served here is nearly like sauce or a puree. I've never seen a soup that is this thick in my life. I could turn this upside down and it would stick, you know what I mean?"

Judge Pete Evans tips his
Judge Pete Evans tips his "soup" upside down.

Fellow judge Manu Feildel likened the so-called soup to baby food.

Gatecrasher Carly had the table in stitches with her "Babe-itis", her dislike for eating pork because of her love of the movie Babe.

But there was no joy when David and Corinne presented their "terrible" looking main course.

Yet again, they got pulled up by the judges for presenting a dish that didn't match what was on the menu.

 "It looked horrible," Feildel said.

"The puree had lots of bits and (was) not smooth; mashed is mashed, puree is smooth."                      

Evans was equally as critical.

"If you don't know how to do a perfect cauliflower puree, if you don't know how to do the most amazing mushroom sauce, then I don't think at this stage of the competition is where you should be putting together a dish like this."

David and Corinne put the finishing touches on their main course.
David and Corinne put the finishing touches on their main course. Andrew Watson

Somehow, David was able to remain positive in the face of such harsh criticism, telling Corinne, his girlfriend of two years, how he couldn't "see anything going wrong" with their dessert.

But Corinne's picture-perfect chocolate cake was deceiving and ultimately overcooked.

 "It looked like it was absolutely to die for, but unfortunately it didn't taste that way," Evans said.

"It's not what you call a cake. It's got a very, very strange texture. It's not a crème caramel, it's not a panna cotta, it's not a mousse, it's something else."

Feildel pointed out the cake was actually a flan.

David and Corinne will need a complete meltdown by gatecrashers Cathy and Anna tomorrow night to have any chance at staying on the show.



Entrée: Corn soup with grilled tiger prawns and avocado

Main: Pork medallions with cauliflower puree, green beans and mushroom sauce

Dessert: Chocolate cake with candied liqueur oranges

Score: 27

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