Heavy metal band Northlane.
Heavy metal band Northlane.

Modern heavy metal blossoms under Northlane's nurturing

IT'S not the usual description of a hardcore band but then Northlane aren't the usual.

The five-piece from Sydney reckon their sound is Galacticore and built on an ethic of open-mindedness and expression.

Since formation in early 2009, Northlane have lived their lyrics and attempted to reject ideology, conformity, convention, and expectation.

"Metal is about more than musicianship," guitarist Josh Smith said.

"Through history, and in a parallel to the punk movement, it's been all about rebellion and standing up for what you do or don't believe in.

"It's heavy and sometimes that's what you need to get through life, which can be pretty crap sometimes."

Whether or not they've succeeded in their aims is for you to decide when they play Down to Earth Events' gig at Boambee Community Hall on Friday, January 11.

Heading up a tour with mates In Hearts Wake and Endless Heights, Northlane are travelling on the back of last year's debut album Discoveries, with tight renditions of album tracks and some new material for fans.

Once a scene so far underground that it didn't even get community radio play, modern metal in all its different forms has forced the mainstream music industry to sit up and take notice.

The massive success locally and internationally of Aussie bands including Parkway Drive, The Amity Affliction and Dream On Dreamer has shown that what's happening in garages and community clubs all over the country is no flash in the pan.

Local all ages metal gigs continue to grow their audiences, despite the difficulties groups like Down to Earth Events and Broken Fridge Events, made up of entrepreneurial local music fans, have had finding reliable venues.

The scene's growth can be chalked up to passion and loyalty.

"As a musician, listening to progressive metal can be mind-blowing," Northlane guitarist Josh Smith said.

"It has so much to offer in the way of how you approach doing what you do.

"The most awesome thing about hardcore music is the raw emotion you hear in it, and how convicting the message in the music can really be. It really makes you feel something."

For more, check out facebook.com/northlane.

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