Noosa Main Beach evacuated after shark sighting

NOOSA'S Main Beach has been evacuated after a shark sighting just before 4pm.

APN's social media editor Alexia Purcell, who is on the beach, said lifesavers sounded the alarm and ordered everyone out of the water.

She said the beach was pretty crowded with a couple of hundred people because of the warm weather.

Many were waiting on the water's edge for the all clear to return to the water.

An inshore rescue boat and larger boat were out in the water trying to get the shark to move out of the area.

Noosa's patrol captain Alan Rogers told APN that the 'big' shark 'popped up' next to lifesavers who were on patrol on boards beyond the surf break.

Sweeps by a jet boat and jet skis were unable to locate the shark.

The beach has since been re-opened with lifesavers keeping an extra close watch for any further signs of the shark.

Offishal Productions | Facebook

It comes after photo of a "monster" shovelnose shark caught off Fraser Island has been shared on Facebook.

Offishal Productions posted this photo of a shovelnose shark, properly known as an Eastern Shovelnose Ray, caught and released earlier this week off Fraser Island.

"...didn't even know they got this big!" they said in the post. "She was released to fight another day."

The photo was shared over 1200 times and received almost 2500 likes.


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