More men brave hot wax

Werewolf Jacob’s ‘pack’ brothers in New Moon.
Werewolf Jacob’s ‘pack’ brothers in New Moon.

MORE women are encouraging their partners to brave the waxing pots in a bid to remove the body hair they deem unattractive.

A state-wide Philips survey asked women what they want from their men when it comes to body hair.

While 48% of Queensland women wanted men to trim “down there”, their dislike for hairy backs was overwhelming, with 80% regarding untended back forests as the most unattractive.

Octane Male Grooming owner Charlie Timmermans said many of his clients were coaxed into their first appointments by their partners, but once they began maintaining or waxing their body hair, they never looked back.

“The back wax is the most popular treatment for the guys and after that is the chest and the Brazilian,” Mr Timmermans said.

“Once they’ve seen the reaction from their girlfriends and wives, they come back of their own accord.”

With clients ranging from the early 20s up to 65, Mr Timmermans said more men were jumping on the manscaping bandwagon.

But the Phillips survey found there is much room for improvement in Queensland’s male population.

Of the men surveyed, 90% had never groomed their back hair, 85% had never groomed or trimmed their chest hair, and 66% had stayed clear of the pubic area.

Mr Timmermans is no stranger to “keeping himself tidy” for his wife Kirsten, but he said there was an art to finding the right balance when it comes to hair removal.

“Men tend to leave their chest really hairy, which is OK, but clippering it keeps it under control because if you have a smooth back and shoulders and Austin Powers in front, it can look a bit odd,” he said.

“Because I have been in the industry for six years, I look at men differently now and when I head down to the beach and I think, ‘You really need to fix that up’ and ‘It wouldn’t take much to tidy that up’.

“The main problem is that men who haven’t tried manscaping before don’t know what the results are like until afterwards.”

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