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Morcombes pray at search site

BRUCE and Denise Morcombe ventured into the “muddy jungle” yesterday where searchers hope to find their son’s remains.

Earlier, police had shown them video and photos from the bushland at the Glasshouse Mountains, which has been under guard since Saturday.

“It’s something we want to do,” Mrs Morcombe said.

“We need to know where Daniel is. We just need to know what sort of area he was taken to.”

The pair drove to the site about 1pm and spent a couple of minutes there.

It was enough time to shake hands with some of the search team.

“The site is a little eerie,” Mr Morcombe said.

“They’ve certainly found nothing belonging to Daniel and none of Daniel’s remains.

“To look at it coldly, it is just a remote bushland location at the end of a track. There is nothing for us really to look at or comprehend.”

They are confident their son’s remains will be found.

“We just stood there, had a silent prayer, and looked into the bush for a number of minutes and just wondered,” Mr Morcombe said.

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