Egging attack on PM

THE Prime Minister has been targeted by a protester at a campaign event in regional NSW.

A young woman attempted to egg Scott Morrison at a Country Women's Association Conference in Albury, footage shows.

She missed Mr Morrison, it's understood.

In the footage, an arm is raised above Mr Morrison's head while he speaks to voters on camera, and what appears to be an egg is thrown at the back of his head.

The woman is grabbed almost immediately afterwards and taken away by security.

She ignored a series of questions, speaking only to apologise for the woman who fell over during the incident.

Walking herself to the police station down the road following the incident, the young woman didn't want to comment but said she was sorry an older woman was caught up in the debacle saying, "no that was not my intention. I am sorry for that."

Footage will need to be reviewed from the incident, however it appears the older woman fell over directly after the attempt, with the Prime Minister helping her up.  

When asked whether it was a premeditated attack, the young woman held up her six-pack of eggs to journalists.

The CWA has confirmed the protester was not one of their members.

The attempted egging came after Scott Morrison condemned activists on stage while addressing the conference for invading farms across the country in recent months.

When the girl was asked whether it was her intention to egg the Prime Minister, she waved her egg carton at journalists.

"No that was not my intention (for an older woman to be caught up in the incident), I am sorry for that," she said. 


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